Episode 317

Published on:

20th Jul 2023

Advanced Podcast Sponsorships Simplified with Mike Wooller

In this episode, I have a deep-dive conversation with Mike Wooller, Head of Content Partnerships at Global. Mike has a wealth of experience in the industry and this episode is a must-listen for the serious indi podcast creator.

We kick things off by demystifying some of the often-used industry jargon. Mike breaks down what terms like "Spot", "Programmatic", "Direct Sell", "Host Read", "MRG", and "CPM" really mean.

Next, we're discussing the current climate in the podcasting world. How are brands and advertisers responding to the ever-changing economy, and what does this mean for the podcasting sector as it continues to find its feet?

As podcast advertising revenue grows, we take a look at the latest trends. Mike shares his thoughts on how this surge in revenue is shaping the podcasting landscape and how that might look in the future.

We also explore what attracts advertisers to a podcast beyond just download numbers. What are those magic metrics that advertisers really care about? And, how small can a podcast's download numbers be before advertisers lose interest?

For serious indie podcasters, we discuss whether direct partnerships are still viable and, with the growth of the podcasting industry, could there be more opportunities arising from a more automated, programmatic approach?

We also chat through immediate monetisation with "ad marketplaces": can a brand-new show really make significant revenue from these marketplaces?

Lastly, we consider: How is the success of a podcast ad campaign measured? How this might differ depending on the goals of the campaign?

Plus, we chat over some common misconceptions that indie podcasters often have about advertising, as well as some potential roadblocks that can arise when renewing ad and content partnerships.

Mike is an expert in his field and, for a serious podcaster like you, this is a must-listen episode!

Guest info:

  • Name: Mike Wooller
  • Bio: Mike is Head of DAX Podcast Partnerships at Global, and has worked in Audio for over 15 years. With a background in BBC Radio, he's worked as a producer for BBC Radio 1 and in commissioning podcasts for BBC Sounds. He later moved into the commercial audio world, where he worked across new business at Acast and now heads up the Podcast Partnerships team at Global.
  • Links: @mikewooller on Twitter

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