Episode 303

Published on:

24th Jan 2022

A Simple Twitter Strategy for Podcast Growth

Each social channel has its nuances, benefits and flaws. Twitter is my personal favourite for podcast growth so today I'm sharing a few simple strategies that I employ to build my podcast audience using the platform.

Welcome to The Podcast Accelerator, the thrice-weekly show that brings you podcast education, industry insights and straight-talking reactions to podcasting news.

I’m your host Mark Asquith, The British Podcast Guy and CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, the podcast tech company that creates the Podcast Success Academy, Podcast Websites, Poductivity, Rebel Base Studios & Captivate.fm, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host where you can get your first month of podcast hosting for just one dollar and transfer an existing podcast in, completely free.

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I teach podcasting a lot, and usually for free. So, here's what I'd recommend you do next:

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Captivate’s Podcast Attribution Links

I talk a lot about engagement and why it’s vital to foster genuine micro interactions with your audience. But without measurement, those strategies and actions can’t be deemed to be successes or failures and right now in podcasting, there are so many disparate tools out there that are trying to solve these measurement problems. Captivate’s first-party attribution links allow you replace short link generators like Bit.ly or Pretty Links with short links that you create directly from your podcast hosting dashboard. The mega benefit with this is that you can then attach these short links to pieces of dynamic audio, automatically insert them into your show notes when you use Captivate’s AMIE (Audio Monetization & Integration Engine) tool and use them throughout your episodes as simple, memorable calls to action. Simply tell Captivate the long, real world link that you’d like to measure, link up your custom domain for free and then set a short link that Captivate will then measure traffic to. For example: mark.live/twitter takes you to https://www.twitter.com/MrAsquith AND all of the traffic to it is measured. I use this feature every single day and it’s one of the things that has really transformed my podcasting focus by giving my show accountability!

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Welcome to The Podcast Accelerator, the show that helps busy podcasters to grow their audience in specific, actionable ways.

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