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30th Mar 2022

Hiatus - 2022

I'm having a little bit of a break from the podcast to focus on family and Captivate but will be back shortly! In this episode I'll talk to you about why, when I'll be back and recommend a LOT of excellent content to help you to grow your podcast while I'm away! 

  • How to Get More Listener Engagement - We all want more “engagement” on our podcasts but the word itself poses some challenges and leaves us fighting for broad strokes of interaction that we just can't scale. But we can fix it.
  • A Simple Twitter Strategy for Podcast Growth - Each social channel has its nuances, benefits and flaws. Twitter is my personal favourite for podcast growth so today I'm sharing a few simple strategies that I employ to build my podcast audience using the platform.
  • Are Your Podcasting Processes Killing Your Show? - The panacea for the busy podcaster is a robust set of processes. But are your processes devolving your podcast into a lifeless cookie cutter template? Are your processes undermining your creativity and, if so, how can you achieve the perfect balance?
  • How to Get Guests to Share Your Podcast - An interview show is touted as the way to “explode” your influence and increase your impact by the gurus who sell anything to anyone, but you've followed all of their advice and for some reason, your numbers aren't moving and your guests don't often share the interviews that they do with you. Why?
  • Are YOU the Thing Stopping Your Podcast Growing? - The truth is that you and I, we don't know everything and remaining humble is a skill and mindset that we all, as podcasters, must practice and adopt so that we don't limit the potential of our podcast by letting our ego get in the way.
  • 3 Actionable Dynamic Content Insertion Ideas - Podcasting tech can seem overwhelming but it rarely is once you know how to use it. Here are three creative and actionable ways that you can instantly start to use dynamic ad and content insertion to enhance your podcast today.
  • The Podcast Accelerator (Deep-dive newsletter format with extra content) - I also send out a weekly newsletter version of the podcast which includes visual elements and extra content to help you. Hey, no spam around here. Get to it!

Your next steps

I teach podcasting a lot and for free. So, here's what I'd recommend you do next:

  • Watch my free podcasting tutorials on YouTube: YouTube (Captivate)
  • Ask me anything at all about podcasting over on Twitter: Twitter

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